Peter Blood wins S&P global platts 2015 financial deal of the year

With Apex Clean Energy, First Reserve, Gulf Power Company and Morgan Stanley Commodities Group, Peter Blood conceived, structured and executed a highly profitable and financially and physically engineered power sales / hedge off-take, transmission and virtual delivery hedge between the 300 MW Kingfisher Wind Project located in Oklahoma and Florida.  The hedge supported the financing of the Kingfisher Wind Project while Peter was a co-developing consultant and then Vice President of Origination at Apex Clean Energy.

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Cycle power inks first ever low temperature geothermal equipment and financing deal with climeon in the us

Unlike other renewable energies, such as wind and solar, geothermal power is in service 24/7, with the ability to provide the same regulating power as coal or oil-fired power plants. Geothermal energy is part of the heat power category and is cheaper than solar and wind in most cases and requires much less physical space. The total potential for geothermal power in the US is significant. According to the California Energy Commission, geothermal power is already delivering more than 17% of the states total renewable energy portfolio, with an installed base of 2,700 MW. If Climeon in the future would cover just 5% of the geothermal power that can be harnessed in California, it would translate into more than one billion dollar worth of business for Climeon at the same time as it would create significant CO2 savings.

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cycle closes acquisition of montana wind project

As of mid 2017, Cycle is the owner of a mature operating wind project in central Montana with GE technology.

frontier pro services is insolvent and is dissolved

After a long run since being founded in 2008, by the Halloran Energy Group's American Refining and Biochemical Group, Frontier Pro finally could not continue to exist and do business as a going concern and fell under its own weight in 2017.  The market for independent service providers became progressively difficult to survive in over the past 5 years and so Frontier Pro will remain in name only with its capability being dispersed and redeployed through the energy ecosystem.