Our strategy

a turn-key approach

Cycle Power Partners believes in creating a cleaner energy future, faster. By identifying energy markets and connecting them with existing assets from mid- and end-of-life projects, we increase revenue, reduce risk, and build strong foundations for new investments. CPP manages and operates said assets by tapping into its strategic and proven capabilities, including:

  •  Unique asset acquisition and co-investment strategies
  •  Physical and financial re-contracting and commodity risk management strategies
  •  Active asset management and re-powering strategies


Cycle Power Partners works with with outside businesses in pursuit of efficient energy as part of an agile and flexible team dynamic. The capabilities built and acquired withn CPP including Frontier Pro Services (FPS) are critical elements in that journey.

The FPS capacility brings one of the longest wind-specific track records in the industry, FPS provides technical services for wind, solar, and conventional energy generation and provides operations & maintenance expertise. Established in 2008, it has a combined 30 years of experience managing over 400 turbines, beginning with legacy turbines (65-225kw) and transforming them into larger projects of up to 1MW, including the first in the San Gorgonio wind park. 

CPP has a deep understanding of the wind turbine generator as a dynamic group of interrelated electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, electronic, and aerodynamic systems. Its knowledge includes the following: 

  • Safety, quality, and environmental management

  • Site assessment and wind forecasting

  • Construction, erection, commissioning

  • Daily operations management

  • Reliability centered maintenance strategies

  • Balance of plant maintenance

  • Major component repair

  • Supply chain management

We work the way we want to see the world: clean, efficient, and resourceful. Doing more with less is in our blood. In maintaining lean operations, Cycle Power Partners owns its business from project initiation to closure, establishes invaluable relationships, and creates unique opportunities throughout the energy industry.