Stone House Solar Development

Location: Christmas Valley, Oregon's richest solar resource area.

Size: The project is spec'ed out for two layout sizes of 5 MW-ac / 7MW-dc or 20 MW-ac / 27 MW-dc.

Project Assets:  Cycle Power Partners, LLC owns all project assets.

  • Land: 163 acres owned via fee title

  • Energy Resource: 39,570 to 42,275 annual generation MWh fixed versus tracker

  • Interconnection: On-site to 24.9 kV Midstate Electric Cooperative (MEC) distribution system. Refreshed MEC agreement and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) pending.

  • Permitting:

    • Lake County Conditional Use Permit Building to be refreshed

    • Electrical permit pending

    • Phase I ESA and Environmental analysis and Geotechnical to be refreshed

  • Customers / Markets: Cycle plans a structured or virtual PPA to set a fixed price with physical liquidation of power.

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction: Targeting range of $1.20-$1.50/Wp.

5 MW-ac / 7 MW-dc Site Layout

5 MW-ac / 7 MW-dc Site Layout

20 MW-ac / 27 MW-dc Site Layout

20 MW-ac / 27 MW-dc Site Layout